About Jake, Mendocino County DUI Lawyer

DUI Attorney Dave Jake Schwartz

Highly Experienced

Member of the California Bar for over 25 Years

Certified as Nationally Qualified Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Practitioner (same as police), 2009

Over 1500 DUI & DMV Cases in Santa Rosa (All Mendo DMV Hearings are Held in Santa Rosa) & Mendocino County

Drug DUIs, Boat, Bicycle and Golf Cart DUIs, Minors & Juveniles Zero Tolerance DUI's

Suspended Licenses, DUI Probation Violations in Mendocino County, Multiple DUI Priors, Old DUI Priors, Out of State DUI Priors

Commercial Licenses, Professionals with DUIs & State Licensing Board Investigations

Chemical Test Refusals, High Alcohol Test Results, Rising Alcohol Defenses with DUIs in Mendocino County Court and DMV

Elderly Drivers, DMV Physical & Mental Suspension Hearings at Santa Rosa and Petaluma DMV, Negligent Operator Suspensions

Direct & Cross Examination of Mendocino Officers, Witnesses & Experts in Mendocino DUI Cases

DMV DUI Writ Appeals in Mendocino County Superior Court

Very Affordable

Low Fixed & Adjustable Rates for Ukiah, Willits, Fort Bragg & Mendocino County Residents Arrested for DUI

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Accessible: Cell Phone, Text & Email Directly to Jake


Vehicle Code

Mendocino County Court Results that Prevent or Reverse DMV DUI License Suspensions

Driver's License Ins & Outs, Including Work & School Licenses, Bad Driver Points, Employer Pull Notices, Impoundments, Insurance, Rentals

Valuable Tips for Out of State Licensees, Including Home State Issues, Administrative vs. Criminal Effects, Clearing CA Holds

Mendocino County Court or DMV Delays to Resolve Personal Issues or Ease Work, Family or School Impact

Mendocino County Alcohol/Drug Treatment, Anger Management, Family Counseling, Community Service Alternatives to Prosecution or Jail in DUI Cases

Critical Need Licenses for Mendocino Minors, Including Advice on How to Best Complete the Application

Coordination of Mendocino Court DUI Results & Santa Rosa DMV Results

Ins & Outs of Mendocino DUI Program Classes

Mendocino Court House


Bay Area & Northern California Resident for over 45 years

U.C. Davis, Political Science & English, 1985, Dean's List Honors

U.C. Hastings Law School, San Francisco, Cum Laude Honors, 1988, Hast. Int'l Law Review

Member, Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma County Bar Associations

Member & Past Director, Russian River Chamber of Commerce

Former Bartender, Bar Manager, & Tavern Owner, Guerneville

Lives & Works in the North Bay

Accessible: Cell Phone, Text & Email Directly to Jake

Trusted & Committed

Trusted by Colleagues & by Clients, their Spouses, Parents, Friends, & Employers

Law Clerk, Federal District Court, Hawaii

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, San Francisco, Corporate Law

Ukiah, Mendocino County DUI & Criminal Defense, continuing since 2002

Member, California DUI Lawyers Association

Volunteer Lawyer, Legal Aid "Driver License Retrieval Workshop" Free Monthly Walk-In DUI, DMV & Traffic Clinic, continuing since 2005

Volunteer Lawyer, Legal Aid, Women's Recovery Athena House, DUI, DMV & Misdemeanor Law Workshop, 2013

Volunteer Lawyer, Legal Services Foundation, Women's Recovery Athena House, DUI, DMV & Misdemeanor Law Workshop, 2012

Volunteer Lawyer, Mock Court DUI Arraignments, Empire Law School, 2012


Mendocino County Legal Aid

Participant, Community Development Commission River Area Shelter and Downtown Task Group on Homelessness, 2011

Volunteer Lawyer, Police Accountability Clinic and Helpline, continuing since 2009

Volunteer Lawyer, DUI & Police Presentation to High School Students, 2009

Volunteer Lawyer, DUI & Police, Presentation to Juvenile Hall Inmates, 2009

Volunteer Lawyer, Police Liaison, O/22 Rally Against Police Brutality, 2009

Volunteer Lawyer, DUI, DMV & Police Presentation to Students, 2008

Volunteer Lawyer, Northern California Cannabis Harvest Festival, 2007

Volunteer Lawyer, Homeless Count, 2007

Recognized for "Service to the Under Privileged," Legal Aid, 2006

Jake has defended clients in the Superior Courts of Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Sacramento, Humboldt, Lake, Shasta, Tehama, Butte, Riverside, San Luis Obispo and Kern Counties, and defended driver licenses in DMV hearings with the DMV Driver Safety Offices in San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Redding, San Bernardino and Oxnard.

**Understand that great ideas and past resolutions are not a prediction or guarantee of an outcome in your unique circumstances; no Mendocino DUI lawyer can ethically guarantee a certain result. A DUI attorney's legal advice will only be provided after being retained and after thorough legal analysis.


Any result portrayed was dependent on the facts of that case, and the results will differ if based on different facts.

About Jake

Dave Jake Schwartz is an Honors Graduate from UC Hastings Law School, former Federal Judicial Clerk, and Nationally Qualified Sobriety Tests Practitioner. Member of the California Bar for nearly 30 years, lived in Wine Country over 20 years, DUIs only, handled thousands of North Bay and Mendocino DUIs and DMV hearings: first/multiple offenders, minors, seniors, tourists, immigrants, veterans, probation violations, suspended license, public intox, open container, minor in possession, collisions, hit and run, evading, child endangerment, and DMV hearings: medical, negligence, lack of skill, and excessive points.

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Dave Jake Schwartz